9 Hidden Locations in Pennsylvania

the stoogeum

4) The Stoogeum

This museum will be of particular interest to anyone who remembers the television show ‘The Three Stooges’. The museum owner has collected over 100,000 pieces of interesting Stooges memorabilia. You will see pieces from the various sets and movie props, personal items from the actors and rare posters. Guest can even catch up on some of ‘The Three Stooges’ episodes that they may have missed by visiting the museums 85-seat theater where ‘The Three Stooges’ films are shown throughout the day. You never know, if you take your kids along for the trip, they may just become Stooges fans themselves. We wouldn’t be surprised. Just keep in mind that this fun museum is only open on Thursdays. However, if you have a group of family and friends who would also be interested, the owners may just be convinced to accommodate you on another day of the week if you call them first. We would hate for you to make a special trip only to realize that the museum isn’t open. Plan accordingly.