9 Hidden Locations in Pennsylvania

candy americana

6) Candy Americana

Hershey, Pennsylvania can attract thousands of tourists a day. If you love candy but do not love the crowds, make your way to the Candy Americana Museum in Lititz, Pennsylvania inside the Wilbur Chocolate Co. There’s a name you may be familiar with, Wilbur Chocolates. Bet you didn’t know that Pennsylvania was also home of the Wilbur Chocolate Company? The museum tour will teach you about how chocolate is made. There are more than 1,000 candy molds, memorabilia, decorative boxes and tins. Some of the items on display date back to the 1800’s. You may find the 150 antique porcelain chocolate pots on display at the museum very interesting. Reminisce about a much simpler time in life by looking at some of the candies that you enjoyed when you were a kid. The best part of this tour is the chance to taste so many delicious varieties of candy.