15 Spots With The Clearest Water In The World


5) Culebra, Puerto Rico

Culebra, or ‘Little Island’, is the last island in the Virgin Islands archipelago, and is known for its warm and beautifully clear sea waters, which average between 75F (24C) to 84F (29c) over the year. The surrounding sea is home to a huge and diverse eco-system of birds and other marine animals. If you travel to the largest cay, Culebrita, you will experience the whitest of sand beaches, and water with visibility that “is almost unlimited”, according to Puerto Rico’s tourist website. The coral reefs are regarded as the finest in the Caribbean; so, make sure you book a local tour guide, who will know the exact places for best viewing of ocean and reef life. Culebra still retains a relatively non-touristy feel to it. So, if you’re looking for crystal clear waters in which you can swim alongside spectacular marine life, you can do no better than this little island.