15 Spots With The Clearest Water In The World

jenny lake

12) Jenny Lake, Wyoming

Nestled in the Grand Teton National Park, this lake is roughly 12,000 years old, and is the result of glacier movement during the last ice age (glacial maximum). Jenny Lake—said to be named after a Native American, Shoshone woman– sits at the bottom of Cascade Canyon and not surprisingly serves as the heart of the Park, being fed primarily by the Cascade Creek and String Lake. The Lake is an extremely popular destination for climbers, hikers, and walkers, as well as those who enjoy water sports. This beautiful glacial lake is estimated to be 129m (423ft) at its deepest, and its waters are in pristine condition. In order to ensure the water quality of the Lake for the future, tests are conducted regularly in order to ensure that the Lake has not been affected by pollutants. This is particularly important given the huge numbers of visitors to the Park each year.