13 Countries That Love Americans

Alessandro Storniolo /

6) United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is an easy place for Americans to travel, and the British are almost always welcoming to their visitors from across the pond. The British may tease Americans a bit about their 1776 defection from the British kingdom, but it’s a loving, older sibling kind of teasing. It’s easy to have fun, lighthearted conversations with British people in the cozy pubs found through the United Kingdom. There’s tons to see and do in the United Kingdom, from the busy streets of London to the quaint country villages in the Cotswolds to the peaceful Lake District. You can also spend time in Scotland and Wales, both of which have beautiful, mountainous hiking trails and charming cities of their own. No matter what you choose to do in the United Kingdom, you’re sure to find welcoming people who may gently tease you about the way you pronounce “aluminum.”