11 Vacations Perfect for Seniors

Traveling as a senior often has great benefits. Some airlines and travel companies offer discounts to seniors, or you can find savings through a membership in AARP. Another big advantage, if you happen to be retired, limited vacation days or busy seasons no longer burden you, and you can more easily take advantage of off-season prices and last-minute deals. You can travel solo, with a friend or spouse, or join a tour group with a pre-planned itinerary. The biggest challenge is choosing where to go. Here are eleven options that run the gamut from active and adventurous to relaxing and lazy and will satisfy the type-A planners as well as the spontaneous.

1) Alaskan Cruise

Alaska is an excellent destination for people who want to do something unique and a bit exotic, without the hassle of leaving the country. As the geographically largest state in the United States, Alaska is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream. However, for those seeking a more relaxing way to enjoy the northernmost state, an Alaskan cruise is a desirable option. You can spend your time whale watching and seeing the glaciers, snow-capped mountains, waterfalls, and other wildlife. You’ll also enjoy fine dining and the other amenities offered by the cruise. While luxury cruises offer all the frills most people expect from this type of vacation, another option is the expedition cruise. Though the amenities are fewer, the ships are smaller and able to navigate into more challenging areas affording better scenery and closer encounters with local wildlife.