11 Most Bizarre Places In The Word You’re Not Allowed To Visit

snake island
In the 21st century many of us are able to travel more frequently than ever before. With cheaper airfares, fewer visa restrictions and tons of ways to plan your trip online, travelling all over the globe has become, for many of us, easier than ever. For seasoned backpackers, who are no strangers to giving in to their wanderlust and journeying to far-flung locations on a whim, it may seem unthinkable that there are still places in the world that you are simply not allowed to visit. From a snake-filled island in Brazil to a Chinese emperor’s tomb to the most exclusive club in Disneyland, read on for our list of the 11 most bizarre places in the world you’re not allowed to visit.

1) Snake Island, Brazil

Snake Island, or Ilha da Queimada Grande as it’s officially known, is located off the coast of Brazil, approximately 18 miles from the coast of São Paulo. A 106-acre island populated with patches of rainforest and enjoying a temperate climate, Snake Island might have become a popular day-trip for tourists to São Paulo. If it wasn’t for all the snakes, that is. Snake Island is home to over 4,000 of the world’s most deadly species of snake. A rare species of pit viper known as the Golden Lancehead Viper, the snakes on Snake Island possess venom that can actually decompose human flesh. The Golden Lancehead Viper is responsible for 90% of the snake-related deaths in Brazil and on Snake Island there are said to be between one and five snakes per metre of land, a nightmarish image. The inhabitants of Snake Island are so dangerous that the Brazilian government banned anyone from visiting the island, a ban that is enforced by the Brazilian Navy.