11 Most Beautiful Lakeside Vacations in the US


Mark Herreid /

8) Bayfield, Wisconsin

It’s been called one of the most beautiful natural settings on Earth. Bayfield, on Lake Superior, is famous for its water-sculpted sea caves. Apostle Islands calms the lakes waters and sets the scene for spectacular views on the lake. Scuba diving in the deep blue waters among ship wrecks, tours of the lake, or just lazing on the beach are some of the ways to experience the majesty of this beautiful region. For the more adventurous, a short lesson will get you on a kayak tour where you can explore the world-renowned Apostle Island sea caves. In summer months, you can enjoy their famous lighthouse cruises. Bayfield also offers some of the best sailing and recreational boating in the world, with charters and rentals available to visitors. There are also plenty of fishing boat tours as well. Accommodations include charming cottages and cabins, inns and small locally-owned hotels, as well as camping options.