11 Most Beautiful Lakeside Vacations in the US

By Ann Sullivan

The summer’s warm weather, sunshine and longer days are the time when most people choose to vacation. Far from the crowded shoreline beaches, some of us would rather kick back in a more secluded environment. A lakeside vacation is a great alternative to enjoy a relaxing getaway. There are many options for your lakeside retreat . You can choose to go in style or rough it for a real adventurous communion with nature. Whether camping, cabin lodging, or deluxe resort accommodations, you’re sure to find it among the 11 most beautiful lakeside vacations in the US.

1) Crater Lake, Oregon

It’s been described as a Divine experience and one of the most beautiful by visitors. Crater Lake, in the Cascade Mountains of southern Oregon, was formed by the collapsing of a volcano, Mount Mazama. Its known for its breathtaking views, which can be seen on any point along Rim Drive. With a depth of 1,943 feet, it’s the deepest lake in the United States. Crater Lake is considered by scientists to be the clearest body of water in the world. Its waters are fed entirely by rain and snow. The Crater Lake Lodge, located on the southwest rim, overlooks the lake from 1,000 feet above. It’s part of the National Parks service and listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Built in 1915, it’s welcomed visitors for over 100 years. This lodge offers a 1920’s-rustic charm with comfortable, private rooms open seasonally from late May through mid-October.