11 Most Beautiful Lakeside Vacations in the US


Alexey Stiop /

10) Mackinac Island, Michigan

An idyllic lakeside escape, Mackinac Island, on Lake Huron in Michigan, is a place where the horse and carriage was never replaced by cars. Lodging properties have remained family-owned as well, and include over 1,400 unique rooms. There are no franchise hotels. It’s full of award winning, one of a kind, family run establishments. Sailing tours, fishing charters, kayaking, sailing, and swimming are among its water activities. Visitors can take a self-guided bicycle tour and explore the wonders of this charming historical retreat. Horse drawn carriage tours offer narrations of the history around the island. Guided and unguided horseback trail riding is also a popular activity. There are several unique golf courses with stunning scenery and lake views. Mackinac is also famous for its fudge making. There are seven authentic fudge makers, and locals claim Mackinac is where fudge making was perfected. Attend the Annual Fudge Festival, and judge for yourself!