11 Cheapest Last-Minute Vacation Ideas

2) Gulf Shores, Alabama

Living in the deep south doesn’t equal beach scarcity. Florida is well-known for its beaches, but The Sunshine State is a hike if you live in Alabama. Residents of this state know they can enjoy a stay-cation without depriving themselves of a beach holiday. While the mention of Alabama doesn’t immediately conjure images of white-sand beaches, that’s exactly what the Gulf Shores in the state’s most southern point are all about. Aptly named for its location on the Gulf of Mexico, the Gulf Shores boasts a whopping 32-miles of white sandy coastline. Boat cruises, scuba diving, surfing, and golf are just some of the activities that can be enjoyed here. Back bays and river access create excellent fishing opportunities as well. Hotel rooms that are within close walking distance of the beach start between $100-$150 per night.