10 Best Value Places To Vacation In The World

Cape Town South Africa

5) Cape Town, South Africa

As the second largest city in South Africa, there is no shortage of fun in Cape Town. Beaches are clean, spacious and plentiful, both along the Atlantic and Indian Ocean, as both can be found in Cape Town. In addition to the beach experience in here, there is also a harbor life tourists can enjoy. Many stylish, cosmopolitan nightclubs and restaurants are situated around the city’s harbor, offering spectacular views of the water and beyond. Cape Town is widely known for its many wine regions, where you’ll find some of the world’s top wines being produced. Adventure lovers and outdoor enthusiasts flock to Cape Town for its excellent hiking, biking, surfing and more. A true “melting pot” of cultures and ethnicities, culinary offerings in Cape Town are competitive with other global cities. Cape Town is truly special, offering both luxury and simplicity.