10 Tips to Flying for Free


9) Look for Promotions

Most airlines offer special deals to promote their company and entice travelers to fly with them. This can be anything from gift card giveaways and extra low fares to a free checked bag and ticket giveaways. If you want to stay updated on a specific airline’s offerings, sign up for their electronic newsletter. Also, be on the lookout for airline booths at large events and festivals. Many companies use these booths as a way to grow their customer base, and they often give away gift cards or vouchers or something free as an incentive for filling out a contact form. As for credit cards, they also offer various promotions throughout the year. Some cards even give away companion passes as a special offer for their loyal customers or for new members. If you already have a credit card with airline rewards, consider not using it for a while. Oftentimes, companies make note of inactive users and send them additional offers as an incentive to use their card again.