10 Tips to Flying for Free


10) Fly in or out of a Different Airport

The cost of an airline ticket is directly related to the size and traffic of the airport you’re using. With this in mind, try flying into or out of a smaller regional airport. It may be further away, but a simple airport switch can save you a nice chunk of change, as much as half price, which could equal flying for free if you consider the regular cost of a round trip ticket from a major hub. Depending on your region, a short cab or train ride to a less popular airport may also be worth looking into. Flying between two less popular cities could save you hundreds of dollars. Also, consider booking two separate tickets with a layover. For instance, go for a flight from New York to Chicago and then from Chicago to San Francisco as opposed to booking a direct flight from New York to San Francisco. More often times than not, flights with a short layover can cost considerably less than those that are a direct flight.