10 Tips to Flying for Free


8) Use a Travel Rewards Card

Many frequent flyers aren’t loyal to any one airline and don’t want to tie themselves down to a single company. They simply want the best way to accumulate as many miles as possible to use as they see fit. If that sounds like you or you simply can’t decide on a credit card, why not apply for one that offers airline miles without being linked to a specific airline? Offers vary and change based upon the timeframe of the particular promotions. Some major credit cards offer one-time bonus of up to 40,000 miles or more, but may require a certain amount be spent on purchases first. Some are more flexible than others regarding use of the miles within a certain timeframe. Some also partner with retailers such as gas stations and restaurants that allow you to accumulate up to 3 times the regular points when you shop with their affiliate partners. It’s best to do your homework and research the current offers. Also, read reviews by other consumers who are using these programs before deciding on which one is best for you.