10 Secret Destinations in New England

9) Vinalhaven, Maine

It’s Maine’s largest year-round island community with the biggest lobster fleet in New England, and one of the world’s most prestigious as well. So, one can just imagine how great the local dining opportunities are here. It’s not a resort town, though. It’s small town coastal USA where everyone knows your name, or at least knows if you’re not from around there. The local population does double in summer months nevertheless. If you should find yourself in Vinalhaven, Maine, however, you will be transformed – and the locals will most likely accept you as one who’s come home. If you’re an early bird, head to the southern end of the island for a sunrise breakfast with the towns people – we’re talking 4 am at Surfside. Don’t worry, you can go back to bed after the fishing boats leave port. The locals know you’re from out of town. By mid-afternoon they’ll be back with the catch of the day for your new favorite lunch!