10 Secret Destinations in New England

6) Marblehead, Massachusetts

Another little known, yet picturesque, coastal town is Marblehead. Its name is derived from early settlers who mistook its granite cliffs for marble. The history of this quaint New England charmer dates to the Revolutionary War. A town with roots in fishing and whaling, it also claims the disputed title as the birthplace of the American Navy. As one can imagine, the entire town is strewn with history and residents have succeeded in keeping the original colonial architecture intact. In more recent times, it’s been dubbed the yachting capital of the world. Some of the greatest examples of yachting craft can been seen in her harbor. The annual race, which began in 1905 between Halifax, Nova Scotia and Marblehead, continues to this very day. Yachtsmen from around the world gather for the mid-summer Marblehead Race week competition. With a simple stroll down Marblehead’s crooked narrow streets, among the grandeur of many historic sites, you can take a step back in time though one of the most scenic and best kept historic towns in the country.