10 of The Strangest Hotels on Earth


7) Poseidon Undersea Resort – Fiji

Fiji, an island filled with beautiful beaches, jaw-dropping scenery, and welcoming people, is home to one of the strangest hotels in the world. The Poseidon Undersea Resort allows guests to sleep in rooms that are completely under the water. The guests get the best view in the house of the exotic fishes and reefs that inhabit the ocean around Fiji. Every room contains glass ceilings and walls which allows for the occupants to see under the water. Visitors at this resort are offered a multitude of activities that allow each person to explore above and below the ocean surface. Scuba diving classes and submarine tours are available to help people explore Fiji. Cuisine is also a critical part of the Poseidon Undersea Resort as it helps guests further experience Fiji. There are two restaurants available in this resort which guarantees each guest will never leave hungry.