10 of The Strangest Hotels on Earth


2) Dog Bark Park Inn – Cottonwood, Idaho

Connect with man’s best friend at this next strange hotel. People from all over come to Idaho to see the world biggest beagle statue. Guests can stay the night inside the inn that is located in the beagle statue. When a person books a night at this inn, they get the entire dog to themselves including a queen bed, a full bathroom and air conditioning. Everything in the room is geared towards emphasizing the theme of dogs from the blankets to the pictures to even some of the food served. Visitors may start to feel like they are in the movie Inception with this Inn’s attempt to fit as many dogs and dog themed products inside the bigger dog statue. Guests are welcome to bring their own dog to join in this crazy adventure and add one more dog to the room. At this hotel there is no such thing as too many dogs.