10 of The Strangest Hotels on Earth


4) Treehotel – Harads, Sweden

Treehotel offers some of the most unusual rooms in the world. There are 7 rooms in total. Each one has a particular theme and their structures are held completely off the ground, providing a birds-eye view of the highly forested surroundings. Guests have the option to stay in odd rooms such as an over-sized bird’s nest or a UFO. From the outside you would never notice the Bird’s nest with its perfectly camouflaged exterior. The room is made to accommodate up to four people, which is the perfect size for a family on vacation. Be prepared to step into a room out of this world when entering the UFO. The room transports the guest into a new dimension of space while still providing modern accommodations such as wi-fi. Other unique rooms include The Mirrorcube, The Blue Cone, The Cabin, The Dragonfly, and the newly added “7th Room.”