10 of The Strangest Hotels on Earth


When it comes to picking a hotel there are many things to consider, from reviews to location to amenities. Some hotels thrive on bringing a unique atmosphere and experience to every customer. Throughout the world, many hotels have perfected the art of making the hotel experience more than just a place to spend the night. Learn how hotels around the world are upping the ante to give guests an unusual experience with this list of the 10 strangest hotels on Earth.

1) Hotel de Glace – Quebec City, Quebec

Ice, Ice, baby! When staying at the Hotel de Glace (Ice Hotel), there is one thing guests can expect and that is plenty of ice. Be prepared to bundle up when staying in this hotel because it is made almost entirely of ice. This is the place to start channeling your childhood dream and relive the days of pretending to live in an igloo. Don’t worry though about being cold all the time; the hotel offers a multitude of resources to ensure people stay warm. The outdoor saunas help keep the guests warm and relaxed. There is also the option to have a fireplace in the bedroom which will be needed since the beds are made of ice. This hotel is more than a hotel and can become the entire vacation. The hotel offers tours that allow people to explore the hotel and surrounding areas. During the day, this is the place to try out dog sledding or skiing. At night, get a drink in an ice glass or see the stars under an unpolluted sky.