10 Best Road Trips in California


8) Los Osos

Los Osos, California is an unincorporated city just north of San Luis Obispo. Los Osos is Spanish for “the bears” and is a coastal community accessible via US Highway 1. This beautiful city was originally inhabited by Chumash Indians prior to Cabrillo’s arrival to California, and early Native American structures can be found amid the sand dunes that date back to ancient times before any sort of colonization in America. Los Osos is most appreciated for its quaint population, density of monarch butterflies, and aromatic eucalyptus groves. Other local points of interest include the Elfin Forest and famous Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant, which attracts science enthusiasts from across the country to study state of the art nuclear technology. Los Osos is a generally undisturbed community that provides a peaceful getaway for locals and intrigued visitors who are searching for momentary tranquility on the beach.