10 Best Road Trips in California


4) Death Valley

At first mention, Death Valley’s name is anything but attractive. On the contrary, the California desert provides to be an eye-opening site with its classification as the lowest, hottest, and driest spot in all of North America. Such physical traits have produced unique geologic formations and rare ecosystems. Death Valley visitors should not fear as life does indeed exist in the desert. The Death Valley pupfish is an endangered species native to Salt Creek and is one of the most resilient fish known to man. While desert activity may seem limited, visitors can explore Death Valley and surrounding areas via sports utility vehicles, biking, hiking, and more. The national park is respected for its lack of light pollution, making it an ideal location for night time visitors interested in documenting the evening sky. The Milky Way is visible at night from Death Valley, despite the minor glow that is sometimes witnessed from the neighboring city of Las Vegas.