10 Best Places to Live in Washington

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The state of Washington is just about everything the photos and movies make it out to be, only better. From deep lush greenery, to stunning mountains, to rain hipster neighborhoods, Washington has the best of all things nature based as well as metropolitan inspired. Seattle is the obvious tourist hub with its iconic Space Needle and birthplace of Starbucks Coffee, however there are dozens of Pacific Northwest gems surrounding landmarks such as Mount Rainier, Puget Sound, the Grand Coulee Dam, the Hoh Rainforest, and more. Enjoy everything its geography offers, and experience a world of culture in these 10 best places to live in Washington.

1) Sammamish

Kissing the shores of Pine Lake, Beaver Lake and its namesake lake, Sammamish is an oceanic city in Washington with a population of approximately 53,000 residents. With an average inhabitant age of 37 years old, Sammamish is a humble city with strong family values and an incredibly low unemployment rate. Job opportunities in Sammamish has risen by nearly 3% in the past few years, and low crime rates have allowed for a notable growth in population. The city sits just outside of both Seattle and Tacoma, pricing the average real estate a touch higher than the rest of the United States, however the stunning scenery, quality of living, and proximity to lake activities make it affordable and worthwhile in comparison.