10 Best Places to Visit in Texas

tx_gruene_730x350Having a unique and authentic restaurant selection, a world-renowned music scene, historic landmarks and museums, it’s no wonder that an estimated 256 million people visit Texas each year. Spanning over 260,000 square miles, Texas is like its own country. Texas is the largest state in the continental United States, with Alaska being the largest, and California coming in third. Different parts of the state feature their own unique attractions and culture. There’s so much so see and do, you’ll need to plan ahead. Here’s an insider’s view of history, food, music, and cool spots you can’t miss!

1. Historic Gruene

On any given night, you can expect a line of folks standing outside of the famous Gruene Hall. It’s one of the oldest dance halls in Texas. Built in 1878, the hall still hosts top acts such as Willie Nelson, Kevin Fowler and Pat Green. If you are more into shopping, skip the show and head over to one of the boutiques, antique stores or the Gruene Country Store. If you happen to be in town during the third weekend of the month (Feb-Nov) you can’t pass up the Old Gruene Market Days. During these weekends, the town hosts vendors from all over Texas selling their décor, gifts, salsas and any craft you can think of. Or stop at one of the three winery’s located on the main street of town or minutes away. If you’re hungry, visit the local favorite Gristmill, for a delicious steak or burger.