10 Best Places to Visit in New York

ny_metropolitan_museum_730x350Known as America’s culture capital, New York is jam-packed with natural wonders, historic landmarks, stunning beaches, entertainment and more. If you’re after the experience of a lifetime, this diverse state lets you achieve just that by providing an exclusive blend of culture, commerce and recreation.

1. The Metropolitan Museum of Art

One of the largest museums on earth, the Metropolitan Museum of Art is among New York’s most beloved cultural institutions. Within its walls are almost 2 million pieces of art from the four corners of the earth, including paintings by Rembrandt and Van Gogh, armor from a 17th-century Portuguese king and ancient tapestries with stories to tell. Colloquially referred to as “The Met,” its main building is located on Fifth Avenue. The legendary museum also includes the Met Breuer and the Met Cloisters, both of which house pieces dedicated to European art and architecture from the medieval years. While you can certainly browse the museum at your leisure, they offer free guided tours every 15 minutes for those who want a more thorough, structured walk through history.