10 Best Places to Live In New York


8) Harlem

Harlem is located in uptown Manhattan and has been a major cultural center for African-American life, the civil rights movement, music and arts for nearly a century. Many greats of all stripes have gotten their start here, including Louis Armstrong, W. E. B. Du Bois, June Jordan, and Thurgood Marshall. Like so many urban centers in the United States, crime, decaying infrastructure and economic stagnation crippled Harlem; a problem made worse by lingering social issues. Things finally began to turn around in the 1990’s, when urban renewal efforts began to take hold. Crime dropped and new economic opportunities began to spring up. Now Harlem is considered one of the trendier places to live in New York. Many places may be better, in terms of economics, education and opportunity, but Harlem still has something more and unique to offer. People who move here get to be part of rebuilding a piece of history into something amazing for future generations.