10 Best Places to Live In New York


5) Manhattan

Manhattan has it all, and then some. Yes, a few places on this list are already in Manhattan, but this city deserves a mention all its own. There are so many great places to eat that it would take about fifty years to try them all, the nightlife is legendary, the museums are world renowned and it is undeniably a Mecca for the arts. Manhattan is also one of the capitals for the fashion world as well as the financial heart of the U.S. economy and home to the New York Stock Exchange. There is also a growing tech sector here, called Silicon Alley, that is making waves. There is an undeniable mystique about Manhattan that draws people from all over the world. It may have a high cost of living and a reputation of chewing people up and spitting them out, but those who call it home wouldn’t have it any other way. The city is for the tough, and if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.