10 Best Places to Live In New York

the hudson valley

3) The Hudson Valley

When New York gets mentioned, the last thing people think about are dairy farms, corn fields stretching into the horizon or grain silos, but that is exactly what a large section of the state is. New York’s agricultural society is a 3.6 billion dollar industry, and there are more than thirty five thousand farms, which covers nearly a quarter of the state’s land area. The Hudson Valley isn’t a single place, but a long stretch of land that goes from Upstate to Westchester County. Here you can find vineyards, wineries, vast apple orchards and other prime examples of New York agriculture. Agriculture isn’t the only thing the Hudson Valley has to offer. It is also the center of New York’s booming tech industry, which is better known as Tech Valley as previously noted in one of our other top places to live in New York, Rochester. Here you can find new companies inventing technology that the best science fiction would have called impossible in our lifetime just a few short years ago.