10 Best Places to Live in Ohio


3) Springboro

Springboro is a landmark between Cincinnati and Dayton with a smaller estimated population of 18,000. The tight-knit community channels a family friendly energy while presenting a modern and innovative ethic with. Springboro is historically known for it’s role as one of the many stops along the Underground Railroad where it provided safe houses and hiding spots for slaves in search of freedom. The city now celebrates the Freedom Festival, which is an annual event commemorating the Underground Railroad and is said to be the largest festival between Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. Over 50% of the community above their mid-twenties possess a college degree, and the median population age is 34 years old. Other notable landmarks in Springboro include La Comedia Dinner Theatre located in the western half of Springboro and the 1911 Wright B Flyer Museum, which houses a replica of the Wright Brothers‘ second airplane design.