10 Best Places to Live in Ohio


10. Norton

Norton is a quaintly populated city, however it is well known and loved for its traditions including an annual Apple Cider Festival held in September. The festival started approximately 28 years ago as an alternative to Octoberfest and was brought to fruition by the local Loyal Oak area Lions Club. The festival now operates at the Columbia Woods Park complex, closer to the city center, and includes classic fall activities such as a parade, crafts fair, food vendors, fireworks, and more. When it comes to age demographic, Norton has a more seasoned population with an average of 32% of residents between the ages of 45 and 64 along with a modest median household income of just over $47,000. The low key nature of Norton appeals to citizens who may not be so prone to the hustle and bustle of metropolitan living but still crave a healthy dosage of art and culture with a local economic heart beat. Norton currently sits at a total population of approximately 12,100 in a total area of 20.49 square miles.