The Most Beautiful Lighthouses In The World

Check out the most beautiful lighthouses across the world! Our team has researched where these beauties are located, and you won’t be disappointed! Put your walking shoes on and start climbing! You will discover some of the most magnificent views, and it will be worth every step. 🙂

The Tower of Hercules, Spain

Have you always wondered where the oldest lighthouse stands in the world? Well, here’s your answer! The Tower of Hercules in Spain is the oldest operating lighthouse, dating back to the late 1st century AD. Notably, you can climb the tower for a small fee. Trust us, it will be worth every 242 steps to capture the magnificent views at the top of the lighthouse! This Roman preserved lighthouse continues to serve its purpose for maritime signaling. The Tower of Hercules stands as an architectural landmark with numerous renovations. As you visit, prepare for a memorable experience, overlooking the Atlantic Sea route in Western Europe. So don’t wait, book your visit today to view this breathtaking, rectangular Roman beauty!

Lindau Lighthouse, Germany

Built in 1856, Lindau Lighthouse is one of the most beautiful in the world, with a clock on the facade. The Lindau Lighthouse is the southernmost, located in Lindau on Lake Constance in Germany. Spectacular views and architecture, Lindau Lighthouse offers panorama views surrounding the entire region! This famous lighthouse is one of the most photographed in history. Scenic views bring visitors from all over the world. Sitting on the point of Lindau, visitors enjoy a view of the Bavarian lion sculpture, just opposite of the Lindau Lighthouse. Lindau is a town and island on the Lake Constance property. The aquamarine-colored waters of the lake will take your breath away!

Kermorvan Lighthouse, France

The Kermorvan Lighthouse was built in 1849 and is located in Brittany, France. Kermorvan Lighthouse sits on the easternmost point of France and is currently active. Kermorvan Lighthouse is one of the most spectacular views. A castle-like fairytale walkway will lead to one of the most exquisite lighthouses in the entire world! This unique, square-styled lighthouse was built on a rocky cape facing the Atlantic Ocean. A coastal hiking trail will guide you to the Kermorvan Lighthouse. This is only accessible by foot at low tide. The Kermorvan Lighthouse is remotely controlled. A total of 66 feet tall, this square antique structure is a must-see!

Diamond Head Lighthouse, Honolulu, Hawaii

Sitting on the side of a volcano in Honolulu, Diamond Head Lighthouse can be seen 17 miles from the shoreline. Diamond Head was named by British sailors as they climbed the volcano’s slopes for diamonds. Diamond head lighthouse stands 55 feet tall. This landmark was built in the late 1800s and rebuilt in the early 1900s due to cracking of the concrete. Tourists visit from all over the world to explore the beauty of the Hawaiian Island. A perfect landmark, located on the east end of Waikiki Beach. High-rise hotels surround the area, and there are many places to stay, and the views are simply breathtaking! Although the Diamond Head Lighthouse is not open to the public, visitors can view the lighthouse from Diamond Head Road. Hiking trails are open in Oahu, being able to hike to the summit of the Diamond Head crater. Enjoy!

Fanad Lighthouse, Ireland

Fanad Lighthouse is located in Donegal, Ireland. This legend was built in 1817 following a deadly shipwreck, and nothing will knock this masterpiece down, including lightning! Surprisingly, almost 100 years after being built, Fanad Lighthouse was struck and is still standing tall! As you step back in time, you’ll have the chance to hear stories about the lightkeepers’ adventures, all while enjoying spectacular views of Ireland!

So, come and take a guided tour of Fanad Lighthouse and discover the magic offered for all visitors. Moreover, you can book a stay in one of the charming lighthouse keepers’ rooms, each with spectacular sea views. Notably, busloads of children visit with school tours, and guided private or group tours are available as well. So sit back with a cup of coffee in hand and come witness for yourself why Fanad Lighthouse, located at the mouth of Lough Swilly, stands as one of the most beautiful lighthouses in the world!

Chania Lighthouse, Greece

Sitting on its original base, the Chania Lighthouse in Greece was built in the late 16th century. This absolutely stunning Egyptian-style lighthouse is a sight for sore eyes, known as “the jewel of the city.” Constructed by the Venetians, it currently protects the Venetian harbor from the sea. Being one of the oldest lighthouses in the world, Chania Lighthouse stands 21 meters high and covers 7 miles of light. This city is filled with magic, making it a popular lighthouse and area. While visiting the Chania Lighthouse, you will view one of the most enchanting towns. The Old Port Area of Chania is a city filled with luscious restaurants, taverns, and art shops. Enjoy your journey as you discover the historical views of this island. Moreover, the Chania Lighthouse offers panoramic views of the harbor, including a breathtaking backdrop of the White Mountains!

Bodie Lighthouse, North Carolina

Standing 156 feet tall in stunning North Carolina’s Outer Banks, Bodie Lighthouse is a must-see beauty! During the summer months, they offer tours for this traditional black and white striped lighthouse. Notably, the cost averages around $10 for adults and $5 for children 12 years and younger. It’s essential to check their website for updates on the hours. Additionally, there is a weight limit of 260 pounds for climbers. Furthermore, the Bodie Lighthouse, pronounced “body,” is one of three lighthouses in the Outer Banks vicinity. As you visit, make sure to bring your walking shoes, as you’ll need to climb just over 200 steps, equivalent to a 10-story building.

Interestingly, they named the Bodie Island Lighthouse after a family who owned the land. Moreover, they constructed lighthouses along the iconic outer banks to warn mariners of treacherous seas. Not to mention, the Fresnel lens light, shining over 20 miles out to sea, remains on for 2.5 seconds at a time. Trust us, your visit will be well worth the beauty of this icon!

Ponce de Leon Inlet Lighthouse, Florida

This Florida beauty stands as the tallest lighthouse in the state and is a must-see! To add to its charm, it showcases a stunning red brick, surrounded by a white picket fence – just heavenly. Ponce de Leon Inlet Lighthouse attracts numerous tourists along the Florida East Coast. Notably, it earned the title of National Historic Landmark in 1998 and is worth the drive up the Peninsula Drive. As an added bonus, the lighthouse is open to the public for a small admission fee. So, put on your walking shoes and climb up 175 feet of pure beauty in the Florida sun! And before you leave, don’t forget to stop by the Ponce Museum to shop for some sweet souvenirs to bring home to the entire family!