Haunted Places Around The World

Looking for some ghouls, goblins, and mad scientists?!? We’ve researched the most haunted places around the world. Ghost hunters are always trying to catch a glimpse, and would like to share with you! Check out these places around the world for some ghost sightings and spiritual encounters

Ancient Ram Inn, Wotton-under-Edge, England

One of the oldest century inns in the Western World, you’ll be sure to experience some creepy adventures. It is believed to be haunted by more than 20 spirits, including children and a monk. Ghost hunts can be booked, in an attempt to have an encounter with the spirits themselves. The inn was Built in 1145 and is known to have been the residence of a priest. The property sits on the intersection of 2 Ley Lines. This area is highly believed to have significantly high spiritual energy. These lines can be traced to Stonehenge, England’s most famous sacred site. The property is known to have “paranormal” power. The home is also believed to be on the site of a 5,000-year-old Pagan burial ground. Housing masons, slaves and construction workers at one time, there is believed to be “dark” energy here. A well-known legend is that this English house was the grounds where a witch was burned at the stake, in the 1500’s. This woman’s spirit is known to still haunt one of the Ancient Ram Inn rooms, now known as “The Witch’s Room.” Be sure to tune into the travel channel to discover more ghost adventures about the Ancient Ram Inn. 

Forbidden City, Beijing, China

Located in the center of modern Beijing, this is not a place most would think of as “haunted”. Built over 600 years ago, during the Ming and Qing dynasties, poltergeists have been recorded in the Palace. Ghost hunters have reported back to the 1940’s, when a woman was first reported sobbing in the halls of the palace. Murders were common and committed by guards, many people would have died within the walls of The Imperial Palace. Guards have reported signs of the “weeping woman”, dressed all in white. Animals have also been seen scampering around the halls. A flute music has been heard throughout the dark hours of the night. The Imperial Palace is one of the most interesting places in China. There are parts of the Palace that are completely off-limits to tourists. Be sure to ask about tours available, prior to your travels. Expect to bring home some “tingling” memories of one of the scariest places in China!

Corvin Castle, Hunedoara, Romania

One of the largest castles in Europe and most beautiful Renaissance Gothic architectures, the Corvin Castle is known to give visitors some “chills”. It was designed as a defense fortress against the Ottoman Empire in 1440. It was believed that Vlad the Impaler, who famously inspired the titled character “Dracula”, was kept prisoner in Corvin Castle in real life. The castle’s dungeon is the site where Vlad was held for years, which caused him to go “insane”, increasing his desire for blood. The legend continued as three Turkish men were captured and asked to dig a well. Once they found water, they were promised to be freed. The men never returned, although there was writing found on the walls: ‘You now have water, but you don’t have a heart.’ Many unusual sightings have been reported on the accommodations. There are unguided castle tours, with a small entrance fee. Check their website for the most updated pricing. 

Lawang Sewn, Semarang, Indonesia

Known as one of the most haunted places in Indonesia, Lawang is a must on your bucket list! This historic building will provide visitors with sites from out of the ordinary. The most popular being a Dutch woman, headless spirits, and a kuntilanak. Being a World War II prison and former railway, there are believed to have many deaths on the premises. The Lawang Sewn is a place where many soldiers lost their lives, likely tortured and killed. Many vengeful spirits have remained housed at The Lawang Sewn. The Japanese occupied the building and used the dungeons for interrogation, during the Second World War, from 1942-1945. It is said that this place is haunted by many ghosts, especially those who stand under the iron beams, where people were once tortured. Visitors are offered a tour and are told to “stick together”, in fear of one falling into a “ghost trap”. All guests are required to wear rubber boots, as the basement is full of water. Pained cries and anguished screams have been reported coming from the basement. Many locals have refused entrance to The Lawang Sewn, in fear of having a ghost become attached to them.

The Catacombs of Paris, France

Holding remains of more than six million people located in the underground tunnels, there is no surprise this is one of the spookiest places to visit! Located sixty-five feet below the streets of Paris, France, these millions of people were laid to rest throughout 108 miles of labyrinth-like tunnels. Some of the tunnels are available for tour. Most can only be accessed via secret passageways, which are hidden in various locations in the city. Due to the potential danger of these passages, people are discouraged from venturing into the underground tunnels. Visitors be prepared to encounter hundreds of human bones, if you do enter! A journey beginning with a corkscrew stairway, 20 meters underground. You will enter total darkness, entering into the Catacombs with these words: “STOP”: This is the Empire of Death.” There have been reports, in the early 1990’s, of “disturbing activity.” A group of cataphiles was walking through the dark chambers and they discovered  a video camera on the ground. The camera had footage on it, showing that a man is going mad inside the underground tunnels. It was apparent that the man was lost and had no idea how to escape. The video ended abruptly, with the man dropping to the ground. To this day, the name of the man is unknown and it is unknown if he was able to get out of the tunnels alive.

  • Casa Loma, Toronto, Canada

Filled with corridors and secret passages, guests have reported “whispering” of ghosts for decades. This Gothic-Revival-style house was completed in 1914, and is available for tours to this day. Special events are hosted throughout the year and two restaurants are available on the property for dining. Casa Loma is known for many haunting tales. Staff and guests have shared numerous ghost stories. Some include, unseen grabbing hands, hearing mutters of a man, and seeing a lady dressed in white. The historic castle offers ghost tours, led by Canada’s Most Haunted. Be prepared to hear the sound of children’s voices, when no children are around. A young boy reported seeing a man representing Sir King Henry. Lady Mary has been spotted on the grounds. Numerous visitors have shared similar experiences, being grabbed or having their hair pulled in a tunnel leading to the castle’s stables. Check out the castle during Halloween, where it is transformed into an eerie land with Legends of Horror. You’ll be sure to hear a few ‘bumps’ during the night!

The Queen Mary, Long Beach, California

Spending over 30 years at sea, this beautiful vessel is now docked permanently for tourists to explore. This haunted craft is known to have had more than 50 deaths. The Queen Mary has been voted as one of the Top 10 Most Haunted Places in America by Time Magazine. Ghosts and paranormals have been reported throughout the ship. Including a “lady in white”, an engineer who died in the ship’s engine room, and children located throughout The Queen Mary. Haunted Encounters are available during the day, but when the sun sets, the spirits are known to come out and play. Guests are able to explore this legendary ship with a series of twilight tours, experiencing paranormal activity. Evening tours, ghost investigations and overnight stays are available by reservation. Stateroom B340 is known to be The Queen Mary’s most haunted room. This is not an excursion for the faint-hearted!

Kehoe House, Savannah, Georgia

Known for hearing sounds of children playing, guests have walked out in mystery. The Kehoe House was completed in 1892 by William and Anne Kehoe. Here they raised their 10 children. The home has since been turned into a bed and breakfast. The Kehoe House is one of Savannah’s most historic and haunted hotels in Savannah. It is known that some of the children died inside of the house.  Ghosts of the children have been reported, along with guests reporting the feeling of someone touching them in their sleep. The Kehoe House was originally a funeral home, hence the haunted tales. Visitors have noticed scents of “old perfumes” within the hallways and bedrooms of the house. Rooms 201 and 203 are known to be particularly haunted. One guest reported seeing someone sitting on the bed next to her, leaving an impression on the sheets…SPOOKY!!! Another claimed to have felt a child stroking her hair and cheek while she slept. Savannah offers ghost tours around the city, Kehoe House being included.