9 Ways to Get Huge Discounts on Your Next Vacation

6) Travel when others don’t

The most popular time to travel is the weekend. Airlines and hotels know this and increase their prices accordingly. The most expensive flights are typically Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings. To beat them at their own game, travel during the weekdays. You’ll find flights are cheaper on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and sometimes Saturday afternoons/evenings. Plan your holiday when you know others won’t be traveling. It’s more expensive to travel during Christmas, New Year’s, and North American and European summer holiday months. Travel on the off-season for cheaper deals. If you must travel during the weekend, check out business hotel prices. These hotels are usually busy during the week, but lack the clientele on the weekends. This equals good weekday deals for you. The opposite also applies. Family-style resorts are popular on weekends. They’ll be eager to fill their rooms during the week, thereby dropping their prices.