9 Ways to Get Huge Discounts on Your Next Vacation

4) Be flexible

Before you start planning your next vacation to the trendiest new holiday hot-spot, take a second to open your mind to other possibilities. Vacations take different shapes and forms. They don’t necessarily have to include the cliché white-sand beaches and Pin͂a Coladas. While those things are nice, there are many other contributing factors to an awesome holiday. Keep your options (and your mind) open to the fact that any location is possible. Search for current holiday package deals while applying this mindset, and you’re on your way to a unique destination without breaking the bank. It also helps to be flexible on timing. As in, you’re not particular if your flight leaves in the morning, afternoon, or evening. Being flexible and willing to travel during the week days as opposed to the weekends will also make a significant difference in flight and hotel prices.