9 Ways to Get Huge Discounts on Your Next Vacation

2) Use Apps

There are many helpful travel apps available. These little icons can grant access to special discounts you wouldn’t find otherwise. They also assist in simplifying your trip planning. HotelTonight will help you snag a fantastic last minute deals on rooms booked for the day of, tomorrow, or next week. HotelTonight has a deal with hotels who would rather sell their empty hotel rooms at super cheap rates than keep them empty. Airbnb is another popular App for travelers looking for something other than a simple hotel. Airbnb connects accommodation seekers with everyday people subletting their homes when they’re out of town. This is often better than staying in a hotel because you’re conveniently located in a neighborhood, in a fully furnished house or apartment. Usually the price is much less than what you’d pay for a one room hotel without any amenities.