9 Vacations You Only Get To Take When You’re Retired

6) Last Minute Travel

On many travel sites, you’ll see last minute vacation deals. These include everything from cheap hotel rooms to inexpensive flights. You’ll also sometimes see package deals that offer both flights and hotel rooms. As a retiree, you can easily take advantage of these deals. Check out the deals on sites like Expedia or Travelzoo. See if these sites are offering deals for anywhere you want to go. If not, simply try again the next week. Or, you can spontaneously decide to use one of the deals they’re offering. As a retiree, booking a last-minute vacation is a breeze—you won’t have to worry about calling out of work or burning through your vacation days. You can simply book your travel package, do a quick bit of research about the destination, and pack up your suitcase and head to the airport.