9 Most Photographed Places in the U.S.

By Ann Sullivan

Known the world over for their beauty and symbolism, some of the most historic and iconic places in America are also among the most photographed. Many of these sights have been the backdrop for famous films and television shows as well. There are some movie scenes where the location was as famous as the star in the scene. If you’ve never been to these wonders, chances are you’ve seen them in photos or famous movie and television scenes. If you have been, you’re most likely among those who couldn’t resist snapping some photos, and probably selfies too. Whether you’ve visited these sites or not, these are the 9 most photographed places in the U.S.

1) Brooklyn Bridge, New York

Revered as a man-made wonder, it’s now a national landmark known the world over. It’s designer, John Roebling, first perceived this historic suspension bridge in 1855. His hope was that it would one day be viewed as a great work of art. It’s been the back drop of many movies and people flock from all parts of the world to walk across it’s footpath. Connecting lower Manhattan to Brooklyn, it’s successful completion by Roebling’s son, chief engineer Washington Roebling, was quickly seen as a symbol of greatness. It was completed in 1883 with the assistance of his wife, Emily. Today, people are still mesmerized at the sight of it. People across America took notice, and the ingenuity of the design was replicated in other bridges around the country. For New Yorkers, and especially the people of Brooklyn, it’s a great symbol of pride and connection to their beloved borough.