9 US Cities Where Your Money Goes Furthest

Thomas Kelley /

Going on vacation is often synonymous with spending your hard-earned cash. Holiday time doesn’t have to equal breaking the bank though. Contrary to popular belief, a vacation doesn’t have to equal a deserted white-sand beach and Mai-Tai’s, either. In fact, there are plenty of interesting places to visit within the U.S. that every foreigner and local should discover. From the deep south, to the Midwest, to the east coast, to the southwest – there are plenty of destinations rich with history, chock-full of fun, and easy on your wallet. Your money will go the furthest in these 9 US cities.

1) Louisville, Kentucky

As the largest city in the state, you’d best believe this southern city has got it goin’ on. We must point out that this is the home of the world-famous Kentucky Derby. Visit in May to get tickets to this famous horse race. Are you a sports fan? You’ll love the Louisville Slugger Museum, located on site of the famous baseball bat producing company. Here you can see a real Louisville Slugger being made and try to spot your favorite player’s John Hancock on the Signature Wall. It’s also the site of the Guinness Book of World Record’s Largest Baseball Bat. Boxing enthusiasts should visit The Muhammad Ali Center to enjoy exhibits, media presentations, and interactive boxing. With all this entertainment, you’d be surprised to discover that Louisville is very reasonably priced. The cost of living is 11% below the national average, making Louisville a desirable domestic destination.