11 Cheapest Places In The World To Live On The Beach!

Who doesn’t dream of setting up shop on a long strip of tropical sand somewhere far away? If you’re reading this, you’re probably among the daydreamers imagining days spent on the beach rather than in the office. You may just think that these thoughts are merely that; visions of an unrealistic dream. Well, not anymore. We’ve found you the eleven cheapest places in the world to snatch up some precious beach property. From the South East Asian islands, to northern Africa, to Central America – we’ve got you covered. As the saying goes, “Life’s a beach.” Now, it really can be.

1) Canggu, Bali

For a place as popular as Bali, you may be surprised to see the name on this list. You’d be correct in suspecting that the prices in Bali are on the rise. This is all due in part to favorable location, weather, and overall idyllic lifestyle. However, it’s still cheaper than many other beachside locations. Apartments in the Canggu area, which is north of the tourist hot-spot Kuta, start at $275 and range to almost $500 a month, depending on the neighborhood. Utilities typically run under $100 a month. Local food is cheap, usually costing $5 or less and groceries like fruits, vegetables, and poultry are extremely affordable. This is an ideal place for ocean lovers, particularly surfers, who can enjoy consistent swells all year. Bali in general is also a top-notch dive destination, with some of the world’s best dive sites just minutes away.