9 Things You Should Never Do When Flying

By Ann Sullivan

Taking a flight can be a pleasurable experience, or a stressful one, depending on how well you handle it. Personal safety and wellness are always factors to consider. That includes yourself and your travel mates, as well as your fellow passengers and crew. There are many things to plan and consider when taking a flight. There are also some things you may not have thought of, no matter how many times you’ve boarded a plane. These include the things you should not do as well. No matter whether you fly occasionally or frequently, these are 9 things you should never do when flying.

1) Drink the Water

The “not-potable” sign in the lavatory is not the only thing you should pay attention to when it comes to consuming water on a flight. Be honest, did you ever really have a good cup of java in flight? Chances are, the answer is “no.” The reason for that is most likely the water quality. A recent report in Time magazine reveals why flight attendants will not drink tap water, hot or cold, in flight. The tanks are usually refilled without being properly cleaned. Therefore, there is a risk of dangerous bacteria being present in the water. These include coliform, what you’d find in a toilet, and deadly e-coli. Although the EPA implemented a standard for airplane drinking water in 2011, requiring airlines to clean out their tanks and test their water, it isn’t always done to a proper standard. Do yourself a favor and drink bottled water!