9 Historic Landmarks that are Really Fake

George Washington Birthplace

7) George Washington’s Birthplace, Virginia

Here’s another place where tourists think they’re viewing the original home, when it’s just an example of the period. The site itself was developed as a plantation by George’s great-grandfather, John Washington. George Washington only lived in the original house until he was about 3 years old. He later returned and lived there again as a teenager. The original house, though, burned to the ground in 1779, and its precise location was forgotten. There were no photos of the original home either. In 1931, a recreation of a typical era house was opened in time for George Washington’s 200th birthday by the memorial association, who funded it. The National Parks Service operates the property, and even calls it the “Memorial House.” This term confuses visitors, who think they are visiting the actual house. The original foundation was discovered nearby some years later.