9 Historic Landmarks that are Really Fake

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6) Theodore’s Roosevelt’s Inaugural Room, Buffalo, NY

Theodore Roosevelt took the oath of office on September 14, 1901, after the untimely assassination of President William McKinley. The Ansley Wilcox House, located at 641 Delaware Avenue in Buffalo, New York, was chosen for the ceremony, where 50 dignitaries, family members and cabinet officials attended. It was decided to conduct the inauguration immediately, due to the tragic and politically charged circumstances of the sudden death of McKinley. No photos were taken at the actual ceremony, but the room was heavily photographed afterwards. The Wilcox’s continued to reside in the home until their deaths during the 1930s. Soon thereafter, their furniture was publicly auctioned off. The property then became the Kathryn Lawrence Restaurant. The proprietors made considerable renovations, including removing walls and painting over finished wood. The restaurant closed in 1961. Today, the last room in the house is a complete recreation of the office Roosevelt was inaugurated in.