9 Free Things You Can Get on an Airline Flight

By Amanda Morgan

With an estimated 42,700 aircrafts in the sky every day, it is very likely that you have been on an airplane in your lifetime. Americans use this prevalent method of travel all over to attend meetings, visit family, vacation, and explore the world. While airplanes are not the cheapest mode of transportation, they are one of the fastest. Since airplane tickets are not cheap, it is important to take advantage of the free goods and services airlines offer that you may not be aware of. Read this article to find out the free things you can get the next time you are flying on a commercial flight.

1) Snacks

Get ready for your free bag of peanuts on your next flight! While peanuts may be the quintessential airplane snack, it is no longer your only option when flying. Some airlines have expanded the collection of food they keep onboard. Before going on your next flight, check your airline’s website to see what free snacks will be offered. Airlines like Southwest stick to basic pretzels and peanuts, while airlines like JetBlue give you the option of chips, cookies, or pretzels. After eating your free snack, if you’re still hungry, don’t hesitate to ask for seconds. Most stewardess will be happy to oblige and bring over extra snacks. Airplanes always over pack snacks and most of the food is tossed at the end of the flight. It is better for someone to eat the extra food than letting it go to waste.