9 Hidden Locations in Tennessee

meriwether lewis memorial

7) Meriwether Lewis Memorial – Hohenwald

Any armchair historian can tell you who Meriwether Lewis and William Clark were, and their mark on American history. In case a little refresher is needed, they were commissioned by President Thomas Jefferson to find the best way, by water, to the West Coast to further the cause of commerce and Manifest Destiny. What might not be as well known was how Meriwether Lewis met his end. The official story is that Lewis committed suicide. He was wracked by an unshakable depression and was a heavy drinker during the last years of his life. Adding to his burdens was a looming debt that he incurred during his time as governor of Upper Louisiana that threatened to ruin his life. It all, supposedly, became too much for him to bear. Another possibility is that he was murdered. The Natchez Trace, the road Lewis was on when he died, had a reputation for robbery and murder. Plus he was shot twice with one pistol…during a time when firearms were muzzle loaded one shot at a time.