9 Cheap Vacations That Are Fun And Boost Your Health!

8) Art of Living Retreat Center

This Boone, North Carolina retreat center’s goal is helping guests find inner peace. At the Art of Living, there are multiple 3-4-day yoga and meditation packages to help restore mind, body, and soul. Stressed out visitors will love the Happiness Retreat, which focuses on reducing stress and anxiety while increasing enthusiasm and -yup- happiness. In the Breath, Body & Sound course, guests learn different breathing techniques, in addition to the healing benefits of sound meditation. These packages are between $500-$600 and include meals, accommodation, and all activities/sessions. If meditation isn’t your sole focus, not to worry. There are combination retreats with accommodation, tasty meals, yoga/meditation sessions, and spa sessions at excellent all-inclusive prices. For example, the Eat-Spa-Love package, starting at $595 for two. This is just the beginning. Art of Living has a broad range of cleansing retreats suitable for folks from all walks of life.