9 Cheap Vacations That Are Fun And Boost Your Health!

5) Museflower Yoga Retreats

The setting of Museflower Yoga in Chiang Rai, Thailand in a dream come true for anyone seeking relaxation and tranquility. Located on a lake shrouded in the lush greenery of the northern Thai jungle and rice paddies, Museflower ensures there are zero outside distractions. Four-day packages start at $530 and Museflower certainly ensures you get as much for your money as possible. Included in the price is the accommodation, 3 vegetarian meals every day (prepared from the on-site organic farm), 6 yoga classes, 2 meditation sessions, a spa treatment and holistic coaching session, and airport transfer. In your free time you can indulge in other spa treatments, get a Thai massage, or take a dip in the Himalayan crystal salt pool. Museflower is located about 17km from the center of Chiang Rai and guests are encouraged to explore the city’s attractions.