9 Cheap Vacations That Are Fun And Boost Your Health!

3) Yoga For Bad People

The name is definitely a draw for people who love yoga, but don’t fit the stereotypical mold of what a yogi “should” be. Yoga for Bad People (YBP) understands it’s difficult to always eat healthy and stick to a regimented yoga routine. That’s why the basis of this business caters to people with good intentions, but who stray from the salad-and-daily-workout routine track from time to time. Basically, YBP is for real people. They offer retreats around the world, but the most budget friendly one takes place in Madera Village, Nicaragua. Starting at $1,175, this four-day retreat includes two daily yoga classes, morning meditation sessions, all meals, and 4 nights’ accommodation. There’s plenty of time to indulge in the other activities offered in Maderas Village as well. When you’re not getting your yoga on, you can surf, horseback ride, get a massage, or chill out in the hammocks.