8 Hauntingly Abandoned Places

church-730x350Do you enjoy being afraid of your own shadow? Our list of top 8 frightening places will make your blood run cold and your heart race. Over the next few pages, you will see haunting images and read about the history of these abandoned complexes. Don’t blame us if you break out in a cold sweat.

1) Zhrebchevo Dam Church – Zapalnya, Bulgaria

The Zhrebchevo Dam Church is a perfect example of the fatal effects of industrialism. Built in 1835, the Zhrevchevo church became the center of the Bulgarian town Zapalnya. A hot spot for rose oil distillation since the 12th century, Zapalnya survived both the black plague and the Hundred’s Years War. However, Zapalnya failed to survive the devastating clutches of human expansionism. Almost 50 years ago, a dam built on a manmade lake during the Bulgarian Communistic regime failed, causing water to engulf Zapalnya and two more surrounding communities. The majority of Zapalnya buildings still lay dormant underwater, now unused aquatic ghost fortresses. The only building left standing today is the holy land belonging to the Zhrebchevo Dam Church, although it is said that the old cemetery can be spotted when the lake water is low enough. Every year on the day of St. Ivan of Rila, remaining family members and descendents of past inhabitants come and visit the remains of their deceased loved ones.