11 Travel Hacks Only the Pros Know

7) Get a Luggage “Fragile” Sticker

If you check luggage when you are traveling, there are some important tips you should know. Requesting a “fragile” sticker for your bags is something that is useful even if the contents are not as such. With this sticker, baggage attendants will handle your bags more carefully. This can help prevent your items from becoming disorganized or tangled up. This may be especially helpful if your bag contains products that can spill. Another advantage is that “fragile” bags are placed on the top of all checked luggage. Therefore, they will be unloaded first. This means you will not have to wait at the baggage claim for a long time. If you have to be at your hotel or elsewhere soon after arrival, this time-saving tip is key. You may also be able to avoid the crowds on taxi lines or other resources by gathering your things quickly.